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In an uncertain world, Optadian delivers innovative solutions that enable optimal business decision making.

Decision Strategy and Solutions

Companies face an uncertain future, needing to make sense of large quantities of data, marshal deep reserves of knowledge both within their organisations and externally and integrate these through appropriate tools to support optimal business decision making.

Optadian has the knowledge, experience and tools to be able to help companies build the capabilities to achieve optimal business decision making. With a proven delivery record, Optadian can help your company from strategic inception, through rapid implementation to business rollout of value-adding planning and decision support tools.

Whilst the ability to support optimal decision making is relevant to all industries, Optadian has particular expertise in physical asset management companies such as electricity, gas and water utilities and has deep knowledge in the areas of asset management and asset information management.

IT underpins much of a company's business processes and decision making. Optadian has deep expertise in designing and delivering information strategies, data architectures, systems architectures and data warehousing that are essential to supporting optimal decision making and asset management.

Decision Support Strategy

Decision Support Strategy

Optadian works with organisations to determine a strategy for developing and augmenting their decision support to give greatest business value

Decision Support Strategy

Key services provided by Optadian

Simulation and Planning

Development of simulation tools to support planning and decision making


Development and integration leading edge optimisation solutions to drive additional value out of decision making

Asset Management Consultancy

Design and implementation of asset management organisation, processes and tools

Asset Intelligence Consultancy

Assessment, design and implementation of asset information and business intelligence approaches and solutions

News and Events


Delivery of a Set of Asset Degradation Analysis Tools

Optadian has delivered a set of Asset Degradation analysis tools to a European gas transmission and distribution company to assist them with assessing and understanding the risk associated with their assets. The tools will enable them to use their Optadian-designed Investment Prioritisation solution more effectively.


Delivery of an Analytics Service Hub Design and Implementation Plan

Optadian has delivered the design of an analytics service hub for a large UK water utility. This included the development of their terms of reference, target operating model, processes, management tools, organisation design, RACI matrix, 3rd-party analytics support engagement model, technology architecture, implementation gap analysis and implementation plan.


SME Advice provided to Support Asset Management Group

Optadian has delivered range of SME advice for a European gas transmission and distribution utility company. This included advice and tool development for failure analysis, asset risk data capture, asset intervention financial analysis, optimisation-based failure curve fitting, asset health and asset investment portfolio optimisation, together with ongoing support for the extension of the event tree and risk monetisation solution.


Asset Investment Portfolio Planning Event Tree, Failure Probability and Risk Monetisation Solution Delivered

Optadian has delivered an event tree, failure probability and risk monetisation solution for a European gas transmission and distribution utility company. The solution allows asset managers to create asset failure modes and event trees, develop failure curves (such as Weibull curves), perform asset failure impact assessments and monetise the corresponding risk into a cost benefit analysis for the remedial asset actions. Additionally the solution visualises the input and output data and allows the data to uploaded into the main asset investment portfolio planning solution.


Asset Investment Portfolio Planning Solution Scoping and Implementation Approach Delivered

Optadian has delivered a comprehensive Asset Investment Portfolio Planning solution scoping and implementation approach for a European gas transmission and distribution utility company. The approach lays out a clear framework, solution scope, solution design and implementation roadmap for a key component of their asset management capability and aligns it with their regulatory timeline.


Asset Class Condition and Risk-Based Planning Tool Developed

Optadian has delivered the first phase of a condition and risk-based business planning tool for a European gas transmission and distribution utility company. The tool considers the key condition, risk and financial mechanisms to determine the optimal operations, maintenance and replacement approaches for an asset class whilst considering public safety, environmental and financial risks. The tool is a simulation-based solution developed using Powersim technology.


Asset Intelligence Capability Assessment Completed

Optadian recently delivered the first two phases of a project to plan the transformation of a European gas transmission and distribution utility company's Asset Intelligence capability for their Asset Management organisation. The development of a custom capability map and assessment of current capability levels is complete. The development of a robust and pragmatic long-term plan to transform their capabilities is underway.


Regulatory Budget Support for Asset Intelligence Initiatives

Optadian recently supported a European gas transmission and distribution utility company with regulatory budget definition, developing justifications for Asset Intelligence initiatives including decision support tools, investment programme optimisation, business intelligence and advanced data analytics. The utility is now in a much better position to be able to justify the initiatives and their budgets with the Regulator.


Another Capital Programme Optimisation Pilot Delivered

Optadian, working in conjunction with Arcadis, recently successfully completed the delivery of another cloud-based capital programme optimisation pilot solution enabling a UK transportation and infrastructure client to select optimal investments for one area of infrastructure management. They are now in a position to determine the best investment programme that considers all key factors including project options, project costs, infrastructure improvements and customer revenue based on customer price elasticity.